AWS(Associate Solutions Architect)

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

AWS Architecture

AWS Management Console

Setting up of the AWS Account


2. Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS


Amazon EC2,

Amazon EBS,

Demo of AMI Creation,

Backup, Restore,

EC2 Services

EBS persistent storage.


3. Amazon Storage Services : S3, RRS, CloudWatch

AWS Storage Services: S3, RRS & Glacier,

Amazon Cloud Watch




4. Scaling and Load Distribution in AWS

Amazon Scaling Service: ELB and Auto Scaling


5. AWS VPC & Route 53

Amazon VPC with subnets


Route tables

Amazon Route 53 overview


6. Identity and Access Management Techniques (IAM) and Amazon Managed Relational Database (RDS)

Amazon IAM Overview

Amazon RDS.


7. Multiple AWS Services and Managing the Resources' Lifecycle

AWS CloudFront

AWS DynamoDB


8.AWS Architecture and Design

AWS Backup and DR Setup

AWS High availability Design

AWS Best Practices (Cost +Security)

AWS Calculator & Consolidated Billing


9.Migrating to Cloud & AWS Case Study

AWS Cloud Migration guidelines

AWS Case Study



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